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My ultimate desire is to help YOU become the best version of yourself, whoever that man may be. To help YOU uncover your own personal style that speaks volumes to people about who you are without having to say a word.  To help YOU increase your confidence so you can attract even better, more fulfilling relationships in to your life.


One of my favorite things about working alongside my clients is watching their businesses and relationships evolve over time. During my 13 years in the men's clothing industry, I began to notice an increasingly unmet need in the marketplace.


I met many young professional men chasing careers and waiting longer to "settle down," leaving them in their mid-thirties with wardrobes reminiscent of college days gone by and a hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture. Sound familiar?


I also had many clients coming fresh out of long-standing marriages who quickly realized the dating scene wasn't what it used to be, and had no clear direction on how to get their personal lives back on track. Know anyone who fits the bill?


They both had one thing in common: they were single guys in (dare I say dire?) need of home and wardrobe help and didn't know where to turn. 


I've just always had a knack for organizing. Yep, I'm that girl who gets turned on by spreadsheets and evenly-spaced hangers. The thrill of checking boxes just really does it for me.


I grew up here in Austin and began developing a passion for renovations and interior design in my early teens after spending much of my youth working on various home projects with my Dad and twin brother. 


Throughout high school and college I had many side jobs organizing and decorating homes. After graduating from Texas State (Go Bobcats!), I began my career working in the men's fashion industry where I built a $1,000,000/year custom clothing business, proudly serving over 600 clients in the Austin Metro area.

The first step toward the lifestyle you've always imagined (but never been able to pull off on your own) is just a 20-minute phone call away! 

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